We are walking into the time of fulfillment, when all the promises and covenants of God both under the Old and New Covenants are being fulfilled and are manifested, to begin the year of Jubilee of the Church. This is the time when the latter-day rain or the outpouring of the Holy Spirit will unite His Ekklesia together as One for the latter day reign. This is the time of purification of the House of Yahweh, setting the captives free forever to unite together with others, gathered around the End Time Blueprint. We are chosen by Yahweh to lead God’s people out of the wilderness of Church and into the Promised Land – making the pathway straight and narrow, to restore all things stolen or corrupted from past generation, for the coming of our Lord Yeshua Hamashiach, the Bridegroom of His Bride.

Welcome! As you take the time to watch our video to your left of the screen, we are praying that the Spirit of Yahweh our Father is now moving and releasing a fire that burns deep within you like never before, so that you your eyes may be opened to see and behold our Lord Yeshua Hamashiach. And by beholding, you are transformed unto His image.

We call you to awaken to your identity and destiny. Hear the Voice of Yahweh calling you inwardly. Respond promptly. Embrace Him. Arise now to your destiny and take possession of your inheritance.

Should you have any questions or just want to share something with us, please contact us and we will certainly respond to your inquiries. Thank you and Shalom!

Apostle Bond Servant Hal Ngoy
Apostle Leticia Maxwell Ngoy

Forerunners, Revolutionists and Founders

Christ is returning for a Victorious and Glorious Church - the Spotless Warrior Bride - who has made Herself ready for Her Bridegroom King - The Lamb of Yahweh. Yahweh has called us to be Friends of the Bridegroom who help the Bride prepare herself. Yahweh loves the Church. Our Lord Yeshua loves the Church. We too love the Church - His Body and His Bride - not man-made organizations. And for this distinction, we fight.

Destiny Apostolic Resource Center is a Resource Center for the Body of Christ. Our Mission is to help the Church fulfill her mandate and become all that Yahweh intended her to be - a Vessel who brings heaven to earth.

On this website, we publish teachings and other materials by Apostle Hal Ngoy and Apostle Leticia Maxwell Ngoy. We may also publish materials by other authors with whom we work closely (with their permission). Materials are publish in the form of blog articles, video, audio, books, etc.

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Lord, remember David and all his suffering [afflictions]. He made an oath [swore] to the Lord, a promise [vow] to the Mighty God of Jacob [Genesis 49:24]. He said, “I will not go home to my house [enter into the tent of my house], or lie down on my bed [go up to the couch of my bed], or close [give sleep to] my eyes, or let myself sleep [slumber to my pupils] until I find a place for the Lord. I want to provide a home for the Mighty God of Jacob [Genesis 49:24].” We heard about it [the Ark] in Bethlehem [Ephrathah]. We found it in the fields of Jearim [Kiriath Jearim; 1 Samuel 6:21—7:2]. Let’s go to the Lord’s House [His dwelling]. Let’s worship at his footstool [the Ark]. Rise, Lord, and come to your resting place; come with the Ark that shows your strength. May your priests do what is right [be clothed with righteousness]. May your people [saints; loyal ones] sing for joy. (Psalms 132:1-9 The Expanded Bible)

Only those who truly thirst and hunger after the heart of Yahweh our Father, to know the Father in heaven as a personal friend will be led by Holy Spirit into God's eternal path to acquire the gift of His Love, through a glimpse from our Lord Yeshua Hamashiach - to be compelled to walk in Christ by the Law of the Spirit of Life, to establish the divine pattern of Light of Christ, to learn and know the intimate ways of our Father in Heaven, to become intimate friends with Him through our Lord Yeshua Hamashiach.
(Romans 8:12; John 8:1-2; John 4:2-4)

Preparing the Church for the Next Revival: Transformation Glory!

Those who go to God Most High for safety [dwell/sit in the shelter of God Most High] will be protected by [lodge in the shade/shadow of] the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, “You are my place of safety [refuge] and protection [fortress]. You are my God and I trust [have confidence in] you.” God will save [protect] you from hidden traps [the snare of the fowler] and from deadly diseases [pestilence]. He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you can hide [will find refuge; Deuteronomy 32:11; Isaiah 31:5; Matthew 23:37; Luke 13:34]. His truth [faithfulness] will be your shield and protection [buckler; a small shield]. You will not fear any danger by [terror at] night or an arrow that flies during the day. (Psalms 91:1-5 The Expanded Bible)

We are living in extraordinary times. The year 2018 ushered in a new season for the true people of Yahweh, where we are seeing and receiving all the things that He said and promised. In this season we must ask ourselves some key questions: what did Yahweh, our Father, said in the past? What did He do in the past? What did He commanded us in the past? What is He saying now concerning us - individually, our families, our marriages? What is Holy Spirit saying concerning the Body of Christ? What is He saying concerning our Lord Yeshua Hamashiach? What is He saying concerning the Bride of Christ? What are the implications for us, for the nations, for our ministries?

How are we to live our marriages? How are we to raise our children? How are we to run our businesses? How are we to start ministries and disciple people? How are we to train the End Time Army of Yahweh? How are we to prepare the people for what is to come?

Many revivals have come in the history of the Church, since Acts Chapter 2. But they have also gone. All that we had left were residual effects. The primary reason why they did not last is because they focused on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Pentecostal Movement has been characterized primarily by the pursuit of the gifts of the Spirit (especially speaking in tongues), ministry, calling, anointing, etc.

In this coming next move of God the emphasis is going to be on the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. Love is going to be the primary mark of this new End Time Revolution Movement. It is about reflecting the nature of God. This move of God is going to restore balance. It is about the Kingdom of God being within man.

A great emphasis must also be placed on the need to have the fear of the Lord. The Gifts of the Spirit and anointing alone will not take us to the next level. Under the Old Covenant, the feast of Pentecost was celebrated with bread that contained yeast. Yeast represents the flesh, hypocrisy, sin, self-righteousness, etc. Before Tabernacle, all of Israel was required to get rid of yeast. We have all experienced this in the Pentecostal Movement in the last one hundred years.

What is required now is a Revolution. And what is coming is going to shock many in the Church today. They will not recognize it. They will fight against it. God has called us to prepare His Church for what is to come. We must be prepared. We must be ready.

Transformation Glory - End Time Revival

End Time People of The Lord Made Ready

Then those who honored [feared] the Lord spoke with each other, and the Lord listened and heard them. The names of those who respected [feared] the Lord and honored Him [His Name] were written in His presence in a book to be remembered [scroll of remembrance]. The Lord All-Powerful [Almighty; of Heaven’s Armies;  of hosts] says, “They belong to me [shall be mine]; on that day they will be my very own [treasured possession; special treasure]. As a parent [father] shows mercy to [spares] His child [son] who serves Him, I will show mercy to [spare] my people. You will again see the difference between good [the righteous] and evil people [the wicked], between those who serve God and those who don’t.

- Malachi 3:16-17 (The Expanded Bible)

The Apostolic Leadership


Apostle / Co-Founder

I am an End Time Forerunner called as an End Time Forerunner and Revolutionist and Friend of the Bridegroom to help ready the Bride out of the Church for her Bridegroom, the Lamb of Yahweh (Yeshua Hamashiach). This is the mandate to prepare a people of the Lord who are rising as Mature Sons and Carriers of the Glory of Yahweh Glory to answer the groans of creation. This is the mandate to bring Revival to the nation through Transformation Glory Revival. The Revolution Movement.


Founder / Administrator

The Holy Spirit is in charge of the Church, the Body of our Lord and Savior Yeshuah Hamashiach. He takes the deep things of the heart of our Father Yahovah and releases into our hearts and empowers us to perform His sovereign will by His marvelous grace. He said He would build His Church and the gates of hell would not prevail against Her. The Holy Spirit works through Vessels chosen, called, commissioned and empowered to perform greater works in the end time to bring revival in the nations.


Apostle / Co-Founder

I am an End Time Forerunner, Revolutionist and Missionary Extraordinary with the mandate to identify, gather, train / equip, mobilize and deploy an End Time Kingdom Army that will run through the nations to bring Revival through a Revolution. This is the mandate to prepare a people of the Lord who are rising as Mature Sons and Carriers of the Glory of Yahweh Glory to answer the groans of creation. This is the mandate to bring Revival to the nation through Transformation Glory. The Revolution Movement.

We See the Vision of An End Time Revolution From God's Eternal Perspective

We see a new Vista. Great changes are taking place in individual lives, marriages, families, businesses, ministries, the Body of Christ, communities, cities, and the nations. We see the world being radically changed. We see souls being saved from darkness and into the Light, from oppression and into the freedom of the Sons of God, from death and into Life. We see the Bride emerging and arising out of the Church to make Herself ready for the Lamb of God. We see a new breed of Apostles and Prophets arise, who would carry the Government of our Father Yahweh and be End Time Vessels - Wise Master Builders moving in the Ministry of Divine Authority to confront the system of the anti-Christ. We see a Revolution taking place on earth.

We see a shift taking place, where all the boundaries and limitations are not only being stretched but are completely removed altogether. We see the heavens being opened. We see the angels of Yahweh our Father at work. We see a Revival that will become increasingly intense to where the Bride is ready and our Lord Yeshua HaMoshiach comes for Her.

As we focus, looking hard and long, we see more and clearly of what God has already unveiled, and what He is going to unveil for us. God is releasing to His people His heart, His perspective together with a new understanding about what we see. We see the eternal pattern. Our minds and consciousness are being expanded beyond all that we already presently know and have experienced. And as He reveals more of Himself to us, we experience first love again, as we discover more of Him. We come deeper into Him, into His rest - joy, peace, love. We see the glory!

Bond Servant Apostle Hal Ngoy & Revolutionist Apostle Leticia Maxwell Ngoy

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Everything God made [The creation] is waiting with excitement [eager expectation] for God to show His children’s glory completely [the revelation of the children/sons of God]. Everything God made [For the creation] was changed to become useless [subjected to futility/meaninglessness; Genesis 3; Ecclesiastes. 1:2], not by its own wish but because God wanted [subjected] it and because all along there was this hope [yet with the hope (…)]: that everything God made [the creation itself] would be set free from ruin [inevitable decay; the slavery of decay] to have the freedom and glory [or glorious freedom] that belong to God’s children. (Romans 8:19-21 The Expanded Bible)